A big thank you!

“A big shout out for everyone who participated and attended our 5th iRock the Beat. To all our friends, families, volunteers, performers, directors/teachers/choreographers, businesses, partners, Starlight Community Theatre, sponsors and everyone who supported us… we raised OVER $1400! Our iRock the Beat was truly a big success! Thank you for making a difference and paying it forward!!”

FAYA and I want to thank Ethel Luzario Imageand the 3000 Club for being great partners- and we are so blessed to have had such a successful event! We look forward to an everlasting partnership and to many more fundraisers and events! We commend you, Leslie, and everyone at the 3000 club for all your hard work, you all are doing a beautiful job, I got to see it first hand today- it is very much appreciated!! God bless!

–  Nathalie Velasquez, Dancewear by NatHalie & Co.

We’ll be posting more photos from iRock the Beat soon.

Published by Nathalie & Co. Dancewear

Nathalie & Co. Dancewear, offering only the latest and greatest in dance, swim, stage performance and activewear. Located in Phoenix, Arizona. For daily updates, follow us @nathaliecompany #natcodancewear Email: natcodancewear@gmail.com

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